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1. Q: What is the first thing to do when a piece of electronic equipment stops working?

    A: Unplug it for 15 minutes then plug it in again. Many times this will remove a glitch and

        reset your piece of equipment.

2. Q: What does it mean if my flat screen has lines in the picture or it look similar to a spiderweb?

    A: Nine times out of ten, you have a bad screen or display panel, in which case, you should

        replace the TV because a new screen can cost more than a new TV.

3. Q: What if I am having trouble programming my TV remote?

    A: Give me a call, if we are unable to walk you through the steps, in some cases we are able to

        come program it for you. Or, find the first 12 year old kid because most likely they will

        figure it out in a minute.

4. Q: Can you fix my old (C.R.T.) picture tube TV?

    A: In very few cases the answer is yes, but in most cases, you and I would both be better off

        if you replace it with better technology. 

5. Q: Can you put a lamp in my D.L.P. projection TV?

    A: I can, but I encourage you to do it yourself. You can put the model number of your TV

        followed by the word lamp in an eBay or Google search and look up a YouTube video on

        how to replace your lamp. 

6. Q: My cable connector broke off. Can you put it back on?

    A: Yes, this happens a lot. If your tuner did not crack inside and the connector broke off clean,

        I won't use your old connector, I'll use a new one. This will ensure a stronger and better


7. Q: Why does my digital TV freeze up or get blocks on the screen?

    A: If you do not have cable or satellite and you're receiving your signal through the air, you

        either need a better antenna or you need to move your TV to a better reception location.

8. Q: My TV comes on but is acting "crazy" why could this be?

    A: If you have a cable box or a satellite box, always suspect those first. Remove the box and

        try the TV without it. If it works, not using the box, you will have to replace the box.

9. Q: What services does Dayton Electronic Sales and Services provide?

    A: Repair, servicing and consulting for audio, video and electronic equipment. If you have a

        unique item please see our Contact Us page to email or call us to see if we can find a


10. Q: How much do you charge for various projects?

    A: I do have established commercial rates. As for individual consumers, I have a nominal

        checking charge and I will discuss your repair with you and only proceed with your

        equipment if you agree to my estimate. 

Please use our Contact Us page for any other questions you may have. We look forward to you business and assisting you.